Data Governance Health Check – (scroll down to register your interest)

Every decision we take is based on information – but can you be sure the data you receive tells you what you need to know to ensure a safe, quality service to residents and that you’re investing effectively to protect the integrity of the homes you manage?

The Regulator of Social Housing’s Sector Risk Profile 2021 acknowledges that inaccurate and incomplete data makes organisations, residents and individuals vulnerable. It stresses that:

  • Accurate, up-to-date, complete and consistent data is fundamental
  • Board oversight, control and decision making is undermined by failure to maintain data integrity
  • Boards must have assurance that data integrity is appropriately managed
  • Failure to provide accurate and timely data that meet regulatory requirements will be reflected in the judgement of a provider’s compliance.

That’s why two of the UK’s industry leading providers of specialist governance and IT consultancy to the social housing sector: ARK Consultancy and 3C Consultants – are now working together to provide peace of mind to boards, committees and executive teams through the provision of a new Governance and Data Assurance Service.

Under the mantle ‘Expertwins’ we provide a complete range of tools, solutions, services, training, and support designed to help housing associations and councils remain compliant, make better decisions, and safeguard their residents.

Contact us to learn how your organisation can benefit from our combined expertise and experience to support you to ensure compliance and transform your organisation, utilising arguably its most valuable asset…the data holds – book a Data Governance Health Check today (register below), for an initial confidential review of the accuracy of your asset data.