Who We Are

Our Mission

Since we established in 2015, our focus has been on working with social landlords and other agencies who support our communities. We make a difference by empowering landlords to harness technology, so that it works for them as they deliver social value. 

With the ever-changing technology landscape, executive teams will want to ensure that they invest wisely. Our mission is to show the way to success; our clients become businesses that are able to exploit, and be supported by technology, rather than overwhelmed by it.

Social Housing Focus

3C has the skills, knowledge and experience to advise, support and guide customers to become ever more effective. Our knowledge of technology and the management of data is drawn from both within the social housing sector and beyond; along with our skills in system integration and customer focused operational processes. 

We offer our customers the market intelligence and experience gained from working with over 150 organisations over the last six years since our inception in 2015.


Our culture and values

Our culture is essential to the way in which we engage with our clients. How we interact with each other results in the way in which we interact with our clients. As a business we treat our colleagues with respect and provide a supportive environment to enable each person to be the best they can be. It is a culture which allows innovation to flourish and where experience and knowledge are shared.

Our clients can expect this too. We will:

  • Engage – understanding your business and being respectful at all times
  • Empower – seeking the right solutions to allow you to move forward
  • Transform – supporting you through change
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