Colin Sales

Colin is the CEO of 3C Consultants and has successfully managed and built a number of businesses over the last 25 years. He has had an active involvement in the housing sector for over a decade. Colin has experience in using mergers and acquisitions to reduce cost and improve performance, having successfully completed more than a dozen.

In Colin’s early years in IT, he was fortunate to have worked with Alan Sugar in the mid-80’s when Alan first started Amstrad, and Steve Jobs in the early 90’s when Steve was running Next. These experiences helped provide Colin with the ability to assist organisations to re-engineer to achieve corporate objectives and maximise performance.

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Key to Colin’s philosophy is the building of high performing teams in order to deliver excellent levels of customer service. Colin believes that if you look after and respect your customers and your staff, your business will prosper.

Colin has had pioneering involvement in helping organisations to digitally transform and achieve ‘channel shift’. He also pioneered managed Digital Inclusion services within the housing sector, so helping many organisations to bring the use of the internet to customers who were previously excluded.


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