Transform your service delivery with our independent IT consultancy

Transform your service delivery with our independent IT consultancy

At 3C Consultants, we provide independent hands-on expert IT support for the social housing sector in the UK and Ireland that empowers you to make informed and balanced decisions with confidence. 

We drive service digitisation, guiding transformative change for enhanced and streamlined service delivery so that your organisation can achieve maximum efficiency. By optimising IT processes, we will help you to reduce your costs and embrace positive change, with exceptional service quality being the end goal.

What we do

By providing bespoke IT consultancy services that are tailored to your needs, we aim to provide impartial and trustworthy advice to help you to get the best from your business – with no hidden costs or confusing technical jargon!

With a team full of previous social housing sector experience, and the consultancy of choice for more than 150 organisations, we can provide:

 IT infrastructure, and system reviews: Achieve optimum efficiency and cost reductions.

 Strategy development: Chart a clear path towards a digital future.

 Procurement: Source the best solutions while optimising your costs.

 Project management: Ensure seamless execution from inception to completion.

 The 3C Fractional Executive: Proactively address gaps in executive skills and governance.

 Recruitment: Establish a top-tier tech team that is tailored to your needs.

 Restructure: Look to optimise your technology departments.

What we do IT consultancy for social housing

3C's Fractional Exec Service

Good governance, digital solutions, cost saving, data integrity, automation, AI and defence against cyber-attack are all high on the agenda for most organisations. How the 3C Fractional Exec service can play a cost effective and essential part in addressing all these issues whilst liberating existing executives to play to their strengths.

How your business will benefit from our IT consultancy

As a key player in the social housing sector, you may feel that your existing IT infrastructure and systems work well and that you don’t need to invest in improvements. However, with technological advancements offering opportunities for increased efficiency and improved customer experiences, it’s crucial that your business isn’t left behind.

By choosing 3C Consultants as your trusted IT partner, you will benefit from:

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Expert support to procure and implement the most cost-effective and efficient IT systems and infrastructure.
in-depth review
An in-depth review of your existing software and systems to evaluate how effectively it supports your business mission and goals to meet your customers' needs.
Rapid identification
Rapid identification of the causes of failures within applications, services, and processes.
Specialist advice about the benefits of new technology and how it could help your business to operate in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.
Incisive professional advice
Incisive professional advice about business transformation that cannot be supported using your current technology.
in-depth review
Assurance regarding your current and future technology roadmaps.

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At 3C Consultants, we take pride in the quality of our client relationships and work hard to forge positive partnerships that help us to understand the unique needs and priorities of your business.

To find out more about our IT consultancy for social housing, please get in touch with us today.

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