What is the number 1 thing you can do to protect against regulatory downgrade?

How improving data integrity will not just safeguard good governance, but put customers at the heart of everything you do, improving the working environment, empowering staff and revolutionising operations.

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Empower decision-making through effective data management

3C Data Logic is a powerful tool that helps you to effectively manage data within your social housing organisation, giving you confidence that the data-driven decisions you make are robust and reliable, providing assurance to your executive team and board.

With a keen focus on improving data quality, ensuring integrity, and minimising compliance risks, 3C Data Logic empowers your organisation to curate data more efficiently so you can streamline your business operations, make better-informed decisions, and fully comply with regulations.

What is 3C Data Logic?

Available as a Cloud or server-based solution, 3C Data Logic offers a comprehensive solution that automatically monitors data quality and data compliance across your whole data estate and can also seamlessly assist with data migration.

Data quality and data compliance assessments are streamlined, and data is centralised into an easily searchable and manageable repository. What really sets 3C Data Logic apart is its ability to manage and monitor both structured and unstructured data.

Automation enables robust monitoring for detecting anomalies like missing or inaccurate data, ensuring adherence to data standards and providing assurance that decisions are being made based on information produced from accurate data.

Powerful search tools can be harnessed for effective data discovery to efficiently address data Subject Access Requests (SARs) by extracting and exporting data into a zip file. Additionally, the automatic generation of a data dictionary streamlines data tracking and management.

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Key features

  Continually monitor your data quality and integrity to provide robust data to support business decisions.

  Strengthen, oversee, and track data compliance to mitigate risks.

  Facilitate seamless data migration processes to simplify reconciliation and system transition.

  Effortlessly incorporates both structured and unstructured data for comprehensive insights that inform your strategic decisions.

  Unify scattered data into a centralised repository to eliminate confusion, improve accessibility and provide one version of the truth.

  Harness advanced search technology to efficiently interrogate your data, including the servicing of FOI (Freedom of Information) requests and SARs (Subject Access Requests).

Frequently asked questions

How easy is it to use 3C Data Logic?

3C Data Logic has been designed to be easy to use and requires no extensive technical experience or SQL skills. The tool is used to set up and manage your data, which you can focus on analysing once the software is up and running.

How long does it take to implement?

As a server or Cloud-based solution with only a simple installation required, 3C Data Logic can be launched quickly, giving your team real-time insights into business data, and sharpening your data management.

How much training is needed?

3C Data Logic is developed with user-friendliness in mind. However, tailored training is available to help your staff to fully embrace the tools’ features. We’ll work with you to implement as much or as little of the configuration as you need.

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