The Social housing sector "Silver Bullet" - Knowledge and Information Management

The Housing Ombudsman has stated that "improved knowledge and information management is the closest thing the social housing sector has to a silver bullet. Indeed, data integrity is now considered fundamental to almost every hot topic in social housing". This short video provides a compelling overview of the business case.

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Improve the governance of your data 

At 3C Consultants, we understand the value of data for your social housing organisation. As one of your business’s most valuable assets, data can deliver critical insights that can take your organisation to the next level – but only if it is managed, analysed, and utilised effectively.

You’ll need fresh and reliable insights into your business’s performance when faced with making key decisions. By utilising the expertise of our consultants, you can take active steps to improve all aspects of your data governance and benefit from greater clarity when making the decisions necessary to deliver your business plan, free from exposing yourself to risk.

How can 3C Consultants help your organisation?

Our expert team can play an integral role in reviewing and improving your data management and honing your data governance, so you can make well-informed business decisions that withstand the scrutiny of your board, executive team, investors, and regulators.

Our professional data consultancy support will enable you to:

data maturity assessment
Undertake a data maturity assessment to evaluate your journey towards excellence.
Review data compliance
Review data compliance procedures and assess whether they are being adhered to.
review data governance
Create or review a data governance, data management, or data quality strategy.
lifecycle mapping
Undertake data lifecycle mapping and establish an information architecture.
data quality evaluations
Perform data quality and data compliance evaluations using our data management tool, 3C Data Logic.
Develop key performance Indicators
Develop key performance Indicators to measure data quality and data compliance.
excellent governance
Establish the key data roles and responsibilities for excellent governance.
data competency
Establish your data competency framework to identify the skills and competencies your staff need to fulfil their data roles.
Establish a secure data environment
Establish a secure data environment.
data governance framework
Establish or review a data governance framework.
understanding of data classification
Improve your understanding of data classification.
Perform audits on existing data
Perform audits on existing data frameworks or strategies.

3C's Fractional Exec Service

Good governance, digital solutions, cost saving, data integrity, automation, AI and defence against cyber-attack are all high on the agenda for most organisations. How the 3C Fractional Exec service can play a cost effective and essential part in addressing all these issues whilst liberating existing executives to play to their strengths.

How will your organisation benefit from our data consultancy?

The effectiveness of your data is underpinned by how well you obtain, store, manage, and analyse it, so we can provide expert advice on your data policies and procedures and how they can be improved. By ensuring that data is robust and reliable, the decisions you make will be grounded and, therefore, more relevant to the needs of your business.

We can help your organisation to:

  Substantiate data quality and provide assurances to your executive, board and regulators.

  Drive significant improvements in data quality to ensure accuracy and reliability

  Drive improvements in data compliance to ensure adherence with legal and policy requirements.

  Reinforce your decision-making process with real-time data.

  Mitigate risk by making calculated decisions based on trustworthy insights into your organisation’s performance.

  Identify and rectify problems in your organisation’s data to improve management and sharpen analysis during business planning.

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