3C's Fractional Executive - Shackcast

3C are launching an exciting new service called the Fractional Exec.

It’s an innovative revision of the Interim Director arrangement that has been so successful over the years. It’s a service truly designed to provide assurance of both results and return on investment. It is a compelling alternative to employing internal resource and the benefits are numerous. They include:

  • Underwriting progress
  • Qualified return on investment
  • The potential to be fully are partially funded, so reducing cost
  • Flexible and agile – as much or as little support as you need
  • No recruitment fee, minimal management overhead, turn on and off as required
  • Provides insight from across the social housing sector
  • Assurance – decisions supported by the 3C brand
  • Provides the skills to support achieving or retaining a G1 Governance rating
  • Supported by 3C Data Services and ‘Decision by Data’
  • Focus on culture change – mentoring others to continue the work after 3C have gone

Here is a video of our CEO, Colin Sales, providing an overview for the Digital Bark Shackcast

Watch Here!