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Turn off the dirty tap of data

19 June 2023

Turning off the dirty tap of data with Mick Capern, Westward Housing Mick Capern from Westward Housing Group provided an excellent presentation and masterclass for the Disruptive...

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The Business Case for Data

23 November 2022

What is the business case in social housing? At a recent conference I was shocked to find that many in the audience no longer liked using the term ‘Transformation’. Their...

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English Housing Survey

13 July 2022

The latest English Housing Survey: The key takeaways Inside Housing delves into the detail of the latest English Housing Survey.

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Does your organisation measure up?

24 May 2022

If proactive consumer regulation were to start tomorrow, how would your culture stand up? With progress on legislation now well under way, the vision of the Social Housing White...

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Social landlords and the pandemic

25 April 2022

Social landlords ended pandemic with lower rent arrears after 'overnight cultural and legal changes' Many social landlords ended the pandemic with lower rent arrears than at the...

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Carbon data key in cloud purchases

25 January 2022

Carbon emissions data to become key factor in cloud purchases by 2025, predicts Gartner Carbon emissions data will become a key selection consideration for IT buyers when sourcing...

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Covid-19 and Cyber Strategy

12 October 2021

Covid-19 will loom over cyber strategy for years to come The Covid-19 pandemic, the continuing threat posed by ransomware, the growth in supply chain attacks and the strategic...

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Jenrick on Social Housing Tenants

7 July 2021

Jenrick: Social housing tenants ‘deserve to be treated with dignity and respect’ Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick has said the new regulatory regime coming in with the Social...

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