An easier way to Regulatory Assurance

With the deadline of the 19th of December organisations have provide information and 'recent data' on how they are assessing and managing damp and mould in their properties

The letter sent out last week to the CEO’s of social housing providers by Fiona MacGregor, CEO of the Social Housing Regulator, giving them a deadline of 19th December to provide information and ‘recent data’ on how they are assessing and managing damp and mould in their properties, has no doubt been an unwelcome distraction in the run up to Christmas.

The immediate reaction from many will probably be to give already busy staff the job of collating the information so that it can be submitted in time for the deadline. But…

There are far easier ways of collating such information

When the dust has settled, landlords need to realise there are far easier, less disruptive and more compliant ways of achieving the same result, so providing Executives and Boards with the confidence and peace of mind that such information is at their fingertips.

The answer is #smarttech. I sincerely believe that within the next few years the majority of social landlords will be using technology to overcome menial, expensive, less data-rich and fallible ways of collating such information. Not only will this technology help overcome Fiona’s current request, but countless other regulatory calls for evidence of good practice and governance too.

The technology required is already tried, tested and available within the social housing sector. The business case is compelling.