Case Study: East Lothian Housing Association


East Lothian Housing Association (ELHA) are in 3C’s view one of the very best examples of successful digital business transformation in the social housing sector.

The organisation is currently achieving almost 90% of all customer transactions online and 86% of their customers are signed up to be ‘paper-free’. This is an incredible achievement that many in the social housing sector have thought to be impossible.

3C has supported ELHA throughout this journey, helping to ensure that there was successful collaboration between all the parties, particularly the various software suppliers that needed to integrate their applications with ELHA’s My Home customer portal. 3C has also supported (and continues to support) ELHA on other aspects of their digital journey, including strategy, procurement and implementation support.
"ELHA became a .com company in 2008, and we are proud of our achievements as a pioneer in digital business transformation in our sector.  100% of our services have been digital since 2015, and we broke through the 80% barrier for tenant transactions being online some years ago.  We are now close to achieving our target of 90%, with over 86% of tenants now paper-free. Throughout this period, support from those within 3C has played an important part in helping us to achieving our ambitions."
Martin Pollhammer, ELHA Chief Executive