Do you seek assurance on how your Tenant Satisfaction Measures are calculated?

The changing landscape of regulation poses constant challenges to housing providers. Combine that with the difficulties of ensuring both data quality, accurate analysis and reporting, you may well find yourself in a situation where you need specialist help to assure your board, and executive, that your Tenant Satisfaction Measures reflect your true position . If you're struggling with spreadsheets, grappling with graphs, or drowning in data, then read on!

One of our customers, a mid-size housing provider, required our specialist services to review their reporting of Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSMs). They wanted to be sure they were complying with the exact TSM requirements of the Regulator of Social Housing, and that their reported figures were accurate and based on good quality data. This included a review of their calculation methods and data sources in order to establish one agreed source of the truth, and for the whole organisation to be working in alignment.

We fully reviewed their processes, both for their Management Information TSMs and their Tenant Perception Survey TSMs, identifying areas for improvement, and assisting with the implementation of the agreed recommendations. This is a bespoke service we provide based on a customer’s IT environment, their data estate and their business structure.

Reviewing the current process

We worked closely with the client, and spoke to colleagues throughout the organisation, to independently assess how TSM data is collated, by whom, by which processes, and to identify the current data flows. We also worked with their contracted third-party surveying company to review the methods and calculations used for the tenant perception measures.

This enabled us to:

  • determine the level of maturity regarding the different areas of data, and the corresponding data flows, that the TSM calculations relied on;
  • assess the accuracy of the historic reporting; and
  • use our specialist data quality tool, 3C Data Logic, to assess the underlying data quality in the key areas.

Ring Binder with inscription Investigations on Background of Working Table with Office Supplies, Glasses, Reports. Toned Illustration. Business Concept on Blurred Background.Determining a new and improved end-to-end process

We used a combination of our knowledge of best practice, our technical expertise, and the regulatory requirements to determine a new end-to-end process for TSM metrics where this was needed.

This included:

  • recommendations around system use, procedures and calculations;
  • identifying opportunities for automation;
  • identifying immediately achievable systems changes; and
  • ultimately defining a robust reporting process with clear inputs and outputs.

We placed a priority here on achievability, reliability, and automation, whilst ensuring regulatory requirements were met.

Implementing this process

To sustainably and thoroughly take this process through to reality:

  • We reviewed the proposed processes with all necessary stakeholders, amended them as necessary, and got agreement as to the changes required.
  • We worked collaboratively to achieve the recommendations, sharing knowledge throughout so that the ultimate handover to the customer was seamless and sustainable.
  • Implementing a clear and robust business intelligence and reporting structure, creating full transparency of the data flows and processes.

Do you seek clarity on how your Tenant Satisfaction Measures are calculated? Are other reported figures, such as KPIs, or your SDR, an issue for your organisation? 3C Data Services have the experience and skills to have a transformative impact on the way you manage your data.