Levelling Up White Paper Published

Today the Government published its Levelling Up White Paper.

What is in the Levelling Up White Paper?
The Levelling Up White Paper contains 12 “national missions” that aim to “shift Government focus and resources to Britain’s forgotten communities”.

The goal is to achieve all of these missions by 2030.

The missions are:

  • Increasing pay,
  • Increasing employment, and
  • Increasing productivity grow everywhere, and narrowing the disparities between the top and worst performing areas
  • Improving the rest of the country’s local public transport systems to become much closer to London standards
  • Ensuring the majority of the country has access to 5G broadband
  • Eliminating illiteracy and innumeracy in primary school leavers by focusing education efforts on the most disadvantaged parts of the country
  • Having hundreds of thousands more people complete high-quality skills training every year
  • Narrowing gross disparities in healthy life expectancy
  • Halving the number of poor-quality rented homes
  • Rejuvenating the most run down town centres and communities across the country
  • Significantly decreasing serious crime in the most blighted areas
  • Granting every part of England a London-style devolution deal if they wish

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