Data Maturity Framework

In April 2021, 3C facilitated the creation of a thought leadership data group for the social housing sector. The purpose of the Group was to provide challenge, oversight and thought leadership as to the need for data quality in the sector along with published data standards. This was ultimately aimed at improving social impact; tenant safety; better customer experiences; greater strategic agility; improved working environments and value for money services. Better use of data is fundamental to some of the hottest topics impacting the social housing sector today, such as the Social Housing White Paper; the NHF Code of Governance 2020; the Fire Safety Bill 2019-2021; the draft Building Safety Bill; and post-pandemic operational strategy.


Data Maturity Framework

The Group set out to create a gold standard for data maturity. Due to the government tasking the ONS (Office of National Statistics) to implement a data maturity framework for the Public and government funded sectors, which was then being lobbied to the MHCLG of which the Regulator of Social Housing is part, this framework became the focus for the creation of a social housing framework.

The link below provides an overview of the framework; the principles for compliance; the perceived primary resources required to comply; along with a data maturity assessment tool. It is recommended that a cross-section of senior management complete the assessment with a view to better understanding the perceived current level of data maturity within an organisation.

Click here for the Data Maturity Framework

Data skills competence testing is also available.


Social Housing Data Maturity Group

If you are keen to take part in a social housing data maturity collaboration group focused on improving data quality and maturity across the sector, please enter your details below.