Digital Partner

We understand that digital transformation can be a daunting task and one that, without expertise, is hard to know if you’re on the right track. Often, our sector struggles with technology adoption due to tight budgets, lack of technical expertise, and a culture of risk aversion.
And that struggle is felt hardest in the smaller housing associations where budgets are even tighter, skills are ever scarcer, and culture is still in the foundational stage.

3C recognise this. Just because you’re a smaller housing association doesn’t mean you should not be able to access the same level of expertise that the larger associations do. You ought to be able to benefit from tried and tested methods of success developed by the best in the sector with years of experience of successful projects.

And that’s why the Digital Partner has been created, to help guide you through digital transformation so you don’t get left behind. Within the portal, you’ll find a host of exclusive, members only, content including; top tips, helpful guides, the latest whitepapers, and templates for you to use.

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The Journey

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