The world of technology is changing and changing very quickly.

The large suppliers of global platforms such as Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce and SAP are regularly adding in new technological capability within their platforms. But are you able to make use of it? Do you even know what technology you have available within your existing licensed software platforms? And if you do, how can you know which technologies will drive your business further, more quickly and more cheaply?

3C Connect provides cloud solutions consultancy. Our consultants detailed knowledge of the options available and experience of how the technology has been used in other settings, enable them to guide you through the maze of options and sales speak to find the right solution for you.


  • Value for money
    Value for money
  • Stronger compliance
    Stronger compliance
  • Continuous improvement
    Continuous improvement
  • Better decision making
    Better decision making

Signposting the way

Understanding your corporate ambitions and current capability, our consultants will show you how the technologies you already have licenses for can be used to build solutions that will make a real difference. Whether this is through automating processes, developing apps to support customers and colleagues complete tasks from a mobile device, or developing dashboards to allow real time reporting and analysis.

Route planning

Even when you know where you want to go it can be hard to agree the way there. Our consultants will develop a programme of development and change with you planning the route to leveraging your existing investment in technology, identifying any quick wins and ensuring that you gain maximum impact.

Making a difference

You know what you are going to do, but how will you achieve it? We will support you whether this is helping you to configure the solution that will enable you to meet your ambitions yourselves, making the changes for you or helping you to find a suitable partner.

Ensuring success

How will your colleagues react to change and how comfortable will they be with new technologies? Our consultants can provide training and top tips to help your colleagues achieve greater benefits from the tools they are already using, including providing online competency tests. And drawing on their direct experience of implementing transformational change elsewhere, our consultant will help introduce the strategies that have been successful elsewhere.


  • Microsoft 365
    Microsoft 365 Procure, design, build, migrate and train.
  • MS Power Platform
    MS Power Platform PowerApps, streamline existing processes. PowerBI, dashboards and realtime reporting.
  • Management Framework
    Management Framework Better management of staff within Microsoft365 following a structured framework.
  • Competency Framework
    Competency Framework On-going automated training.

case studies

Case Studies