Capitalising on the data you hold is fundamental to the success of continuous improvement and moving to a more effective total operating model. Accurate, insightful information should seamlessly flow throughout an organisation, empowering staff to make decisions; increasing productivity and job satisfaction; streamlining processes; automating online services and enriching the customer experience.

The rate at which an organisation creates data is exponential. It is therefore imperative that systems and disciplines are in place to harness it, empowering decision making, guiding strategy and establishing progress.

3C has developed a suite of data centric services support you to maximise the opportunity astute data management provides, assisting organisations on every step of the journey to data governance maturity.


  • Strategy
  • Quality Assurance
    Quality Assurance
  • Governance
  • Compliance 

Data Strategy 

Data strategy must be central to corporate business strategy, impacting the performance of every element of the business.

3C work with you to create a data strategy aligned with the requirements of wider corporate plans, understanding your current data landscape and plotting the path to support the evidence-driven achievement of strategic goals.

A well-planned data strategy is fundamental to successful digital business transformation and a total operating model that demonstrate the most effective governance mechanism.

Data Quality Assurance

Our automated data quality service ensures that you can proactively control data quality 24/7, alerting you if there are any discrepancies. This is fundamental to maintain high levels of data quality and to effective, ‘data-driven’ culture change, swiftly identifying behavioural or technical discrepancies as they arise.

3C will help you to create and embed a data quality framework that allows you to demonstrate exceptional data governance, providing the assurance and insight central to the achievement of your strategic ambitions.

Data Governance

Astute data governance is paramount in safeguarding an organisation against downgrade or reputational embarrassment. It provides the foundation for robust data management and business insight.

3C will assist you to embed the rules, policies and controls needed to ensure security and accountability, creating trust in the quality of the data you present; confidence in your decision making and clarity in progress.

Data Compliance 

Common challenges encountered when managing information have the potential to lead to a regulatory breach, ruining reputations and potentially risking lives. 3C will ensure a foundation for robust data compliance, aligned with current legislation and the GDPR, will help mitigate financial and reputational risk.

3C provides deep-dive data audits, assisting you to get your data in order and then to proactively monitor data standards, alerting you if data quality issues arise. This supports robust data compliance. It provides comprehensive search, find and data collation support, so transforming the management of labour intensive, data related challenges such as the compilation of Subject Access Requests (SARs).

  • Insight and Analytics 
    Insight and Analytics 
  • Migration 
  • Flow Mapping 
    Flow Mapping 
  • Quality Dashboards 
    Quality Dashboards 

Data Insight and Analytics 

The information you hold provides the insight you need, empowering organisations to continuously improve. It allows you to personalise customer experiences, resolve customer problems on first contact and empower staff to make astute decisions, streamlining operational processes.

Performance reporting at your fingertips empowers operational effectiveness. 3C will help design the performance dashboards you need to quickly visualise operating performance across the business.

Data Migration 

Successful data migration is fundamental to adoption of the new breed of business solutions. These enable a business to transform to a new, more effective target operating model.

Data migration is a complex task that if not managed correctly, will undermine successful implementation, return on any investment and the confidence in new working environment.

3C has been providing data migration support for many years. We will ensure it provides the foundation for success, empowering the changes you seek. If your organisation is moving to the cloud or simply changing systems, we will help you plan, extract, clean and load your data to safeguard a successful conclusion.

Data Flow Mapping 

Mapping the flow of data enables great insight and understanding of your data landscape. It identifies not just what information you hold, but if it is needed and who is using it. This is essential to understanding your current position, identifying opportunities to improve services, process, and staff collaboration.

3C will identify the most effective way of managing your data in a multi-system environment to best empower digital business transformation, facilitating exceptional customer service, empowering your workforce to be more effective and enabling automated digital online services.

Data Quality Dashboards 

To support good governance, data quality dashboards provide real-time, ‘at a glance’ insight you need. They provide management and stakeholders with the confidence that data quality is being maintained and the intelligence to identify any emerging issues as they arise.

3C can design tailored performance dashboards for you that provide a visualisation of data quality performance and data health that is critical to robust governance and insight.

With data quality becoming an integral component in the governance assessment process, a data quality dashboard should play a fundamental part in your monthly performance reporting process.


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