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Poor Governance Leads to Failed Compliance


Regulator finds 'clear link' between poor governance and consumer standards compliance The Regulator of Social Housing (RSH) has found “a clear link between weak governance and ability to demonstrate compliance with the...

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3C Interviews: Data with Nicky Hawkins

23 August 2021

A short video interview with Nicky Hawkins our Head of Data Services and Antoine Pellet about the importance of data in the social housing sector and the benefits of using 3C’s...

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3C Offsets its Carbon Footprint

23 June 2021

3C Offsets its Carbon Footprint for Financial Year 2020/21 As decarbonisation and net carbon zero are becoming more and more important in the social housing sector, as well as 3C...

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RSH Publishes Corporate Plan

4 June 2021

RSH publishes corporate plan with focus on Social Housing White Paper and diversity The Regulator of Social Housing’s (RSH) new corporate plan sets out how it will approach its...

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Queen’s Speech 2021

12 May 2021

Queen’s Speech confirms new planning and building safety legislation The Government has unveiled several new housing related bills in the Queen’s Speech. In the speech, the Queen...

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Digital Marketplace

24 February 2021

3C is proud to announce that our services are approved and available on the Digital Marketplace:

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The "D" Word

24 September 2020

“Integrity of data is fundamental and permits good board decision-making. Failure to manage data integrity risk is indicative of a poor control framework. Integrity can be lost...

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